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A Non Fungible token or NFT, as it is commonly abbreviated, is a digital representation of either a real-world asset or a digital object that exists on a decentralized ledger. A nonfungible token, as the name implies, is indivisible and unique. An NFT has a variety of applications including but not limited to provenance, record-keeping, elimination of intermediaries for artists, and a lot more! They can also serve as proof of authenticity for collectibles like original audio, video and digital images.

The art that you have might not have inherent proof that it was created by the author except for the verbal claim. There are chances that the records might be lost in transit from one collector to another. However, with blockchain technology that powers the NFT, it is possible to prove the authenticity and also keep a record of the previous collectors.

To keep it simple, having a photograph of the Mona Lisa in your living room isn’t the same as the one hanging in the Louvre, although both look ‘visually’ the same!

You can surely download or screenshot but it will be just the ‘image’ without the attributes and the properties that make the object unique, all of which is stored on the blockchain. While you may possess the ‘image’, it might not carry the properties and attributes that make it valuable… which means it is yet another image that does not carry value in secondary markets.

There is no separate effort required from your side to prove its originality. This task of establishing authenticity is adequately taken care of by the technology that powers NFT. In fact, this hassle-free process of proving makes the NFTs an ideal digital collectible investment.

NFTs represent collectibles in the digital space. Investing in collectibles with provable lineage and value is never a bad idea. It is to be noted that collectibles might be subjective in their value. Some NFT collectibles have grown by over 100x of their original value over a period of just days.

While ‘cryptocurrency’ might have its share of legal uncertainty, the technology behind NFTs does not have such hassles. A lot of jurisdictions are catching up to accommodate this new dependable technology, considering them as legally valid proofs and pieces of evidence. Therefore, your NFT will always hold its value. It is also to be remembered that the NFT is inherently valuable and the technology only serves as a tool to prove its authenticity and keep a record of the transactions.

The value of any NFT, as much as it is for any collectible, is subjective and it might not be possible to fit it into an equation. However, certain factors like the rarity of the NFT, the person launching it, the asset/collectible it represents, and the profile of people owning other similar NFTs have been known to increase the value.

Now you can buy NFT with both USDT and fiat currency. An NFT can simply be purchased by adding balance to your corresponding account wallet or load balance to your fiat (USD/INR) wallet through Credit or Debit cards so that you can use the amount to buy an NFT from our collection.

Non-fungible tokens can be considered as crypto assets that have hardwired lineage on the blockchain. They can be traded on secondary markets or passed on to anyone you wish to with full provenance like any original artwork in the real world that retains its value forever.

In short, art from India's iconic youth brands. You’ve definitely met us at some point already, while we were busy redefining what it means to be a young Indian, vibing with our crowd and just being beautifully stupid in general. These NFTs from the house of Viacom 18 reflect this journey, involving decades worth of art from youth brands like MTV, Vh1, MTV Beats and so many more.

GuardianLink provides a no-code NFT platform with a built-in Legitimacy Protocol. GuardianLink powers Fully Faltoo NFTs, all its functionalities and attributes. It can be used by any artist or brand to launch their own NFT launchpad in a matter of even minutes, and that too, without any coding knowledge.

All you need to do is create your account on our platform and fund your wallet with the appropriate amount of money.

You can either participate in the auction or purchase the NFT directly.

It is to be noted that, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions to be eligible to purchase the NFT.

Creating a profile on Fully Faltoo NFTs is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is enter your email address and a valid password that complies with our password policy. You will be sent an OTP to confirm your account and once you click on the link, you are all set to access your account and it will automatically create a profile on Fully Faltoo NFTs.

You will find an option to edit your profile on the top-right quarter of the interface. You can click on the edit icon and make the necessary changes. You can change your first name, your last name, and details about your social profiles.

You also have an option to make your profile private, you want your information not viewable by other people who use the Fully Faltoo NFTs platform.

KYC is an abbreviation of Know Your Customer, is a process required by any company that provides or facilitates financial transactions to ensure that the customer who interacts/transacts is a valid citizen of their respective country and is not in any way ineligible to access the benefits of the platform.

While it might not be completely essential to complete your KYC formalities at the start of the auction or when you create an account, it is mandatory for you to ensure that you complete the formalities before you claim your NFT or withdraw your balance from the wallet.

You will still be able to use our platform as long as you have agreed to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy. However, not completing your KYC formalities will hamper your capacity to withdraw your account balance.

The wallet, in the context of our platform, is a software that holds access to the funds that you will use to transact with our platform.

The cryptocurrency wallet that we use is a custodial wallet and the services are provided by a third-party service provider.

The wallet is central to your transactions with the platform. Since everything exists on the Blockchain and transactions have to be carried out within the Blockchain for the purpose of purchasing NFTs, a wallet is a thing of uncompromising importance.

You can fund your wallet with three different options. You will need to click on the “deposit” button available on the top left of the profile, and you will be taken to a page where you can proceed to fund your wallet.

As of now, you can find your wallet either using the payment gateway stripe or by using UPI.

Once you have placed the bid, you cannot withdraw the amount. Your outstanding bid amount of money will be frozen in your wallet until the auction is over. In the event of you not winning the auction, the amount will automatically be credited to your wallet again after which you can withdraw.

As of now, you can find your wallet either using the payment gateway stripe or by using UPI.

You will be able to withdraw the unused wallet funds after seven days of you funding the wallet. The amount that can be withdrawn and the conditions to be met before initiating the withdrawal process are defined in our terms and conditions. We urge you to go through the document in detail.

The available balance shown on your Wallet is the one you can actively use for purchasing or bidding. Sometimes, you might have placed a bid and the auction might not have been over. However, until the auction is over, you are not eligible to use that money for other transactions. The amount available and the amount locked in auctions constitute the actual balance.

Blockchain wallets are inherently secure because of their decentralized nature and high security. However, the security of your wallet is contingent upon the responsibility you exercise in maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. Unless the user gives out information, the Wallet will not be available for access by anyone else with any other credentials.

If you get your transaction confirmation SMS and if the wallet does not reflect the payment, in most cases, the financial institution will credit the amount back to your account. In rare cases, you may contact our third-party payment services provider for support.

You can load your wallet with enough funds and you can either choose to buy or enter the auction of our exclusive NFTs. It is to be noted that, you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and you accept that you are, in every way, eligible to engage in the act of buying or participating in the auction, whichever is applicable.

In direct buying, you can just pay the amount stated as the price of the NFT and immediately buy it. In an auction, you will have to enter a bid price, and at the end of the auction, you will have to be the highest bidder to be eligible to win the NFT.

It is to be noted that even the option of buying has a certain time window after which you cannot buy the NFT. Once the auction ends, that particular item listed for bidding will not be available anymore.

Every NFT listed on the the platform has a minimum bid for that particular NFT. The bidding amount that you place cannot be lower than the minimum bid.

Any amount entered as the bid amount that is less than the minimum bid will not be considered or valid.

If someone places a higher bid than you, you will forfeit the chance of winning the auction. However, until the auction is open, you can bid for a higher amount.

The user who bids the highest will be considered eligible to own the NFT.

If your bid is the highest at the end of the auction, you are considered the winner of the NFT auction. The NFT will become a part of your owned NFTs and you can claim it at any time of your choice, subject to the terms and conditions of the platform.

You can navigate to the section that says “My NFTs” in your profile, choose the particular NFT you would like to claim, and hit on the “claim NFT” button. The NFT will automatically be claimed to your wallet.

Since the NFT is built on the Blockchain, all the attributes and properties associated with the NFT are carried forward. The inherent properties of the NFT Blockchain will take care to establish authenticity. In fact, the simplicity of provenance makes the NFTs a preferred digital collectible. We encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions for further details.

Fully Faltoo NFTs will be available in different formats: audio/visual, posters, signed items, meet and greets, and maybe some other format that no one's even thought of yet. There are no limits!

Buying this NFT entitles you to certain rights and also restricts you from using the NFT in certain ways. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions to understand the details.

You can display your NFT on certain public platforms for non-commercial purposes. You should not engage in any commercial activity using your NFT. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions to understand your rights, responsibilities, and restrictions.

While we do not in any way guarantee the market value, you can sell your NFTs for higher prices depending on the prospective buyer you find or the general market value.

You are not allowed to sublease your NFT rights to any other person for any kind of usage. You will only operate within the rights defined in the terms and conditions.

The winner is notified through push notifications on the web interface and through an email sent to them./p>

We, as a platform, are bound by our agreements of confidentiality, we cannot disclose the exact names. However, you can expect Fully Faltoo NFTs to host/launch a lot of similar NFTs in the near future.

The gas fee is the amount paid to the Blockchain network for utilizing its services. Every transaction/activity on the Blockchain costs a certain amount. It may vary from time to time and from Blockchain to Blockchain.

Our launchpad is powered by the polygon Blockchain. Polygon has been preferred in terms of its scalability across the globe and because it has low gas fees. We do not, however, guarantee that the claims we have made will be held true in the future as it is completely not in our control.